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Rules of the tournaments of Poker Texas Hold'em, No Limit

Game casino Torrequebrada.


  1. Only eligible persons of legal age and do not have forbidden the entrance to the Casino.
  2. The registration fee and the amount of the initial purchase, as well as that of reruns, reentrys and Add-ons if any, will be set forth in the programme of the tournament and on the official website of the Casino Torrequebrada.
  3. Organization may reject the registration of any participant without the need of having to justify.
  4. Both the Tournament Director, and his collaborators, are in charge of ensuring fairness in the game, being the premise the highest priority when making any decision. Unusual circumstances, can sometimes lead to the Director to ignore or reinterpret any technical rule in the interests of fairness. The Tournament Director's decisions are final and for this reason, it has the authority to revoke any decision of his aides. The management reserves the right to cancel or alter any event at own trial, in the interest of the Casino and its customers.
  5. The basic rules for the development of the game during the tournament will be the following:
    • Poker to be played will be "Texas Hold'em, no Limit".
    • English will allow in international tournaments along with the Spanish, it will be the official language of all tournaments.
    • Each participant, to take their place in the table, will receive an identical number of points in chips and is entitled to the rebuys, add-ons or reentrys established.
    • Letters will be in clockwise of clock, being the participant having the marker in the "hand" the last to receive cards.
    • The first player to receive letters will be which is located to the left of the marker "hand". This will be also that the bet "small blind" puts before receiving the letters and the following is that put the "big blind" bet.
    •  Late registration: players entering the tournament once begun it, will be given tokens all undiscounted blinds that had passed. Once restarted the tournament after dinner, there will be no possibility of entering the same play.
    • The players will be eliminated when remain without rest, that is, when they have exhausted all the reruns or reentrys that would take place, or did not want to make use of them.
    • The player who would like to make a reentrie, must leave the game table and go to the table of the Tournament Director, once payment of the buy-in and delivered the corresponding tabs, the Tournament Director will be the player removed preferably in a different from the previous table, always there are seats free, in the case of not having free jobsIt will return the same table and position it had when it was removed.
    • Eliminated players not be able to continue at the table and must leave the same.
    • The tiles must remain in view of all the participants. You may not save or hide tabs.
    • It is strictly forbidden to remove or insert tabs in the tournament, if this happens the player who did so will be automatically removed from the tournament, losing all rights to receive prizes if I had a choice to do so, the tabs of the eliminated player removed from the tournament. In the event that the eliminated player was in awards, this award will be distributed equally among the players who were still active in the tournament.
    • Transfer of chips between participants will result in the immediate removal of the involved without right to any kind of claim.
    • Once the tournament has started, any participant may be replaced by another participant.
    • Tabs used for the tournament may not be used for the actual game, and shall be returned to the Casino staff as participants are deleted or the end of the game.
    • When the time a level concludes, the new level is announced by the Tournament Director, and this will be applied on the next hand. A hand begins with the first shuffling.
    • The order of tables of a tournament break must be advertise when entries are closed for the event. The management reserves the right to change the order of tables break. To balance tables, will move to the players from the big blind to the worst position, including the big blind when it is available, even if it means that the position is big blind twice. The worst position is never the small blind.
    • The players from a broken table, when they occupy a new seat assume their rights and duties of the position. You can enter with the big blind, the small blind or the "Button". The unique square where cannot enter and play is between the "Button" and the small blind.
    • The players may not have or food, or drinks at the tables.
    • The standard of the "dead Button" will be used in tournaments.
    • All phones and other voice communication instruments, must have the sound off when you're playing. The player that you want to use the phone to talk, send a message or an e-mail, must move from the table or can be penalized.
    • Once established the final table, they can reach agreements for the distribution of awards.
    •  If the time limit established for the completion of the tournament become participants in the game, their classification depending on the amount of points will be established in chips that have in the last 'hand'.
    • Poker is an individual game. "Soft play", will result in a penalty, which may be loss of tokens or disqualification. Chips will be removed from the game in the event of disqualification.
    • Repeated violations of the label, can cause penalties, actions as unnecessarily playing cards or cards from other players, delaying the game, too much talking or acting out of turn may be penalized. A player may not use foul language of any kind, whether directed at another player or the dealer. Threats or insults to other players or the dealer of the table, they will be penalized with two rounds without playing, and you must leave the tournament until the Director of it allowed to enter again.
  6. Will be used as a general rule for the distribution of prizes which is 10% of the entries the number of prizes set forth for each tournament, being the Director of departure responsible for establish its criteria the percentage distribution of these awards
  7. The amount of entries already paid only can be recovered, with cause that justifies it at the discretion of the head of the tournament. Once initiated any items we will refund registration.
  8. The structure of the tournament may be modified if for operational reasons responsible for the tournament and the direction of the Casino believe it necessary for the proper conduct of the game.
  9. Any questions, the overall development of the standards will be available for players of tournaments.

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