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Responsible Gaming  / Gambling

Responsible Gaming


Gambling is strictly reserved for persons over the age of 18 years old.

Both in on-site or online gaming, Torrequebrada Casino has the internal control mechanisms to enforce this rule, guaranteeing the fulfilment of the valid regulation.

Besides, as member of the European Casino Association (ECA), it assumes each and every one of the guidelines and recommendations approved by this entity to promote responsible gaming.

Responsible Gaming Practice Code
Fair Policy Code

Casino Torrequebrada employs a group of professionals specialised in the early detection of problems in gambling.

If after all of the preventative measures, gambling is no longer an entertaining and responsible entertainment option, and becomes a central focus in your behaviour, you may want to consider visiting professional and specialised help.

Either way, Casino Torrequebrada´s recommendation to its clients is to never play for more than your real possibilities, since we hope our clients to continue to return for years to come.