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Slot machines / Machines


The goal of this game is to get a winning combination of symbols or figures.

At Casino Torrequebrada you can enjoy many machines with different games and bets From the traditional “reel machines” to the “video” machines with games like roulette, poker, Keno….

The amount to bet is indicated on the front of each machine.  The usual range is from 0.01€ up to 200€.

You can play with one or more coins. Each additional coin increases the possibility of winning or of the payout amount. The totals are displayed on the payout chart on each machine.

You can also play directly with notes (5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 €).

To make your visit more comfortable, we provide cups next to the machines for you to carry your coins.

The machines allow you to accumulate the payout on the machine, to continue playing them instead of cashing them in. This way you do not have to insert coins for every round.