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Upcoming tournaments

Upcoming tournaments


Every Monday and Thursday Tournaments at 20:30 (August 21:30)

  • All our Tournaments follow the rules of the T.D.A. 
  • When there is no possibility of finishing a tournament due to lack of time, the manager will warn the players that the three last hands will be thrown, at 4:30 (in winter time), or at 5:30 (in summer time). If no agreement is reached, the distribution of prizes will be made by I.C.M.
  • Management reserves the right to change the Tournament Structures for reasons of time and /or capacity. In the two-day tournaments, if there is not enough capacity, it will end on the same day, after notice from the manager.
  • On July, August and September, the capacity will be 70 players.
  • All Regular and Special Tournaments organized by Casino Torrequebrada scores for our Best Player Ranking, which are: Big Monday, Bounty, One&One, Mega Stack, Low-Cost, and the Mega Stack Special of Easter, Summer and Christmas, The score will be as follows:
  • For participating in the "Big Monday", "Bounty", "One & One" and "Low-Cost" tournaments, we will give you 5 points, and the points of the final table will be: 1º-10, 2º-8, 3º-6, 4º -5, 5º-4, 6º-3, 7º-2, 8º, 9º and 10º-1.
  • For participating in the "Special Mega Stack" of Easter, Summer and Christmas, we will give 15 points. The points of the final table will multiply by three.
  • “Bounty” Tournament: A 500€ Prize will be given to the player with the most bounties the end of the tournament.
  • Novelty in the "One & One" Tournament: If a player buys the Rebuy and loses all the chips, the Add-On can be used as a second Rebuy until the end of level 4, (30€: 6.000p.). But after this, the Add-On can´t be used.
  • In 2018, there will be a guaranteed prize of 25.000€. Once the annual ranking has been completed, the amount accumulated until that moment will be distributed as follows: The first 10 players in the ranking will share 8.000 €, the first 20 qualifiers will participate in the Great Final on December 29th, when the rest will be played.
  • During 2018, the winner of the monthly Ranking can choose a ticket for any of the "Mega Stack Special" tournaments (Easter, Summer or Christmas).
  • For our "Big Monday", "Bounty" and "One & One" Tournaments, the players who buy their tickets up to 30 minutes before the Tournament begins will have 1.000 Extra Points, if they are sitting at the table when the first card is dealt, they will have another 1.000 Extra Points.
  • The first place in the Ranking of the month of February and winner of a ticket of any "Mega Stack Special" Tournament of Casino Torrequebrada is: D. Jose Caurel Garcia. Congratulations!!!

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